What's next for: The Perinqual Galaxy?

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Alien Halfbreed


“I never wanted a male but there is something special about the Human!” 

Saaxx has been on her own since she was young. She’s had to learn to fend for herself since her family was killed in a dispute with a rival clan, but that’s just the way she likes it. Too proud to let males of her clan help her with physical tasks she’s forced to buy a male slave of an unknown species to help her, even though she’s been warned that he is damaged goods. But when her pheromones begin to release, announcing to the males that she is ready to be mated, she’s astounded when it’s her troubled slave who jumps to her aid and helps her ward them off.  

Tex has suffered from memory loss and post-traumatic-stress-disorder since leaving the military service. A loner, he drives a truck for a living, the only job that allows him time to recover when he’s suffering from a particularly bad attack. One night on a lone trip, he’s abducted by aliens. He’s furious at their audacity but also shocked by the fact he can understand them. But the abduction triggers something in him and he begins to get flash backs; strangely they’re not from the war he was involved in on Earth. Kept for a while by his abductors, he’s finally sold to a female alien who seems to be the only one who can help him with his mental suffering. To repay her kindness he’s determined to help her fight off unwanted attention from her male clan members.

But what neither of them realise is Tex is not what he appears to be, and they are drawn to each other because of his unknown secret.